Sizes and Thickness

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Architrave PWA120 H:120mm W:53mmXX
Architrave PWA135 H:135mm W:40mmXX
Architrave PWA137 H:137mm W:42mmXX
Architrave PWA165 H:165mm W:64mmXX
Architrave PWAD140 H:140mm W:60mmXX
Architrave PWAD151 H:151mm W:68mmXX
Architrave PWAF122 H:120mm W:37mmXX
Architrave PWAF150 H:150mm W:61mmXX
Architrave PWAF200 H:200mm W:65mmXX
Architrave PWAF243 H:243mm W:54mm XX
Architrave PWA065 H:65mm W:29mmXX
Architrave PWA075 H:75mm W:25mmXX
Architrave PWA080 H:80mm W:34mmXX
Architrave PWA090 H:90mm W:45mmXX
Architrave PWA093 H:93mm W:32mmXX
Architrave PWA097 H:97mm W:29mmXX
Architrave PWA098 H98mm W:29mmXX
Architrave PWA102 H:102mm W: 40mmXX
Architrave PWA110 H: 105mm W: 35mmXX
Architrave PWA111 H: 111mm W: 40mmXX
Architrave PWA112 H:112mm W:42mmXX
Architrave PWA115 H:112mm W:34mmXX
Architrave PWA117 H:117mm W:41mmXX

Architraves Accessories

Davco Powder Mastic Adhesive
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 380ml GREY
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 720ml GREY
Superior Diamond Blade 250mm (10")

Architraves Fasteners

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