Auseal Concrete Sealer E.C 25

Auseal offers coatings that will enhance the appearance and performance of any concrete  surface, from driveways to factory floors. There is a coating that will meet your need, in as many as 24 colours including clear coatings.

AuSeal concrete and paving sealer has been specifically formulated to provide excellent wear and abrasion resistance providing total protection to your concrete surfaces. AuSeal sealer is a single pack system. It is suitable for application on factory floors, car parks, driveways, garages, verandahs and concrete paved surfaces. AuSeal sealer comes in a wide range of colours including a clear finish.


Stir thoroughly before and during application to ensure uniformity, making sure that any suspended pigment (if coloured) is completely re-incorporated.

The First coat must be thinned with 20-25% Xylene to assist penetration and adhesion.

Apply coating evenly with broom, roller or spray gun. Uneven application may result in blistering.

Allow recommended drying time (Recoat 4 - 6 hours) and apply evenly one full second coat without dilution.

Colour Range

Available in Clear and 24 Standard Colours.


5 – 7 Square metres per litre depending on profile and porosity of surface. First coat should be diluted with up to 20% solvent.

Available in 4, 10 and 20 litre drums


What's good about AuSeal Concrete Sealer:

  • Excellent durability – good UV stability
  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • Reduces Efflorescence
  • Suitability for both Interior and Exterior application.
  • Low tyre marking characteristics
  • Suitability for concrete, brick, terracotta and slate

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