5 Best Points - How Hebel Flooring Makes Homes Better

Hebel flooring makes homes better to live in. How? Let’s find out!!

  • It Can Reduce Your Energy Usage: Ever felt your blood pressure go through the roof after opening an electricity bill? You’re not alone!! There are millions of Australians who have been impacted negatively by the energy prices that seem to be skyrocketing on a daily basis. All’s not lost though! People have now started researching building products that can reduce their reliance on cooling and heating. This has resulted in homeowners opt for Hebel flooring that has excellent insulation properties, allowing people to feel comfortable all throughout the year, without it costing much.
  • Stands the Test of Time: Hebel is a durable product. It is also anti-corrosive which makes sure that your home is built to last.
  • A Quiet, Peaceful Home: Hebel helps in monitoring the decibel level within your home- it helps reduce the noise from outside sources such as traffic or neighbours who might like a loud midnight session of karaoke! If you have a multi-storeyed house, Hebel Power Floor can decrease the level of transference of sound from one floor to another.
  • Better for the Environment: People have become more environmentally-conscious and are now seeking out/exploring building materials that would leave less carbon footprint. Hebel is eco-friendly because it uses less-embodied energy, produces fewer greenhouse gases and has a lower impact on the environment.
  • Reflects Your Personal Style: Hebel has flexibility of design which gives you the freedom to incorporate your own personal style into the finished product. Firstly, Hebel presents more scope architecturally and hence makes it easier for different shapes and profiles to be created. Secondly, as a finished product, there is essentially no limit to the availability of colours (that can be used to enhance its look).

Consider using Hebel flooring from SHG Trade Solutions for the benefits outlined above.