Complete Guide for Plasterboard Sheet Lifter

Plasterboard sheet lifter is a device that allows you to lift and position any size of a sheet of plasterboard in a safe and controlled manner.

Before you could use a plasterboard sheet lifter, you should read the manual to understand the procedure for using it. The weight limit of the plasterboard sheet lifter is something that you should always be aware of. The growing popularity of these devices has been credited to their ability to transform the arduous and time-consuming job of positioning plasterboard sheets into a one-man operation as long as there is a clear and level floor area to work on.
While using a plasterboard lifter, after when you have positioned your board, make sure that you check for the position of any concealed cables or pipework. Also, make sure that your lifter comes with stabilizers that are in position and locked before you could start lifting.

Once the plasterboard has been placed into position, make sure that you do not over lift as you might not be able to fine adjust the position of the plasterboard and may end up damaging your lifter or the plasterboard. Once you are finished with the process of fixing your plasterboard into position, it is recommended that you lower and remove the lifter slowly and steadily in case the re-tightening of screw fittings is required. Any device that has multiple moving parts will also have a maintenance procedure that should always be abided by.

Lightweight materials are generally used to construct plasterboard lifters. These devices can also be dismantled to fit into a workshop cupboard or vehicle for proper storage when not in use. Use gloves, dust masks, helmets, protective footwear, and eye gear to protect yourself from the dust, debris, and sharp components.

Plasterboard Sheet Lifter, having these qualities also like easily for transportation, securely holds sheet, panel lifters and handles gyprock drywall plasterboard.

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