Fibre cement is a material composed of cement reinforced with cellulose fibres.

Fibre cement is non-combustible, highly durable and stable. Because of its high durability and stability, the compressed fibre cement sheet makes for an ideal flooring substrate for both internal and external use, in commercial and residential buildings. It also happens to be water and mould resistant.

Fibre Cement, a durable, highly workable and aesthetically pleasing product, is produced by a process that substantially reduces the curing time compared to products that are air-cured.

Fibre Cement as Tiling Backer Board or Floor Tiling Base

As fibre cement is resistant to permanent water damage and does not need to be treated before tiling, interior fibre cement tile backer board products are especially suited as a tiling base for tiling wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and showers. It also acts as an alternative to Plywood and Plasterboard tiling base because of it being resistant to water and mould. A fibre cement backer board can be directly installed onto a stud wall or a wooden or timbre floor, thereby making the installation as smooth as possible.

Fibre Cement as an Exterior Cladding Material

Due to its durability and low maintenance (compared to other cladding materials), fibre cement as an exterior cladding (fibre cement cladding) material is used as an alternative to wood cladding and PVC or vinyl. Fibre cement cladding owes its durability to its strong water resistant quality because of which it does not rot, warp or crack. It is also resistant to pests, termites and woodpeckers. Additionally, fibre cement cladding does not ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat which makes it a non-combustible, fire-resistant building material.

Working with Fibre Cement is easy because of its hassle-free installation and numerous other properties which make it the number one choice amongst home-dwellers.


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