Everything You Need to Know about Hebel Power Fence

Made from Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), Hebel Power Fence is an extremely versatile fence system that effectively controls noise in commercial and residential units.

It is perfect for boundary fencing as well as low front walls, providing a modular masonry structure.

Hebel Power Fence is the residential cousin of Hebel Sound Barrier – an acoustic barrier system with a proven track record in noise reduction which is used extensively near motorways and rail corridors.

Hebel Power Fence provides home-dwellers with the following benefits:

  • It is simple, cost-effective and has a reflective noise barrier system
  • It is perfect for boundary fencing
  • It is a good alternative to standard masonry for low front fences
  • Because of its effective noise proofing, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful life at home. 
  • It offers design freedom and flexibility by providing a range of wall profiles
  • It is resistant to fire

The standard Power Fence system can be treated to a number of decorative details such as timber panels or ironwork. Expressed and Monolithic are the two standard Power Fence systems.


  • Hebel Adhesive applied to the edge of the panel is what makes the panels stick together. 
  • The top of the fence is capped with Hebel blocks.
  • A handsaw is used to cut the capping blocks to the right size. Blocks are laid end to end and glued together using Hebel Adhesive or a suitable construction adhesive. 
  • CSR Cemintel compressed fiber cement sheets of 24mm thickness are used to conceal the front and rear of posts.


  • Panels need not be glued.
  • A 76mm galvanized steel U-track is used to cap the top of the fence.
  • Hebel Blocks may be cut and placed on top of each post for further detailing.
  • CSR Cemintel compressed fiber cement sheets of 15mm thickness are used to conceal the front and rear of posts. 

Finishing options include simple acrylic paint treatments. Render and texture coatings give you the freedom to design and create your own unique style. Irrespective of the style of home you own – be it traditional or modern, Hebel Power Fence is the perfect alternative for you.

SHG Trade Solutions’s Hebel Power Fence is solid, strong and requires minimum maintenance. For more details, contact us at 64241397.


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