Everything You Need to Know About Hebel

Hebel is an amazing innovative product manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, and gypsum. It then has a gas-forming agent added. During manufacture, the liberated gas expands the mixture forming extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets resulting in the finished aerated concrete that boasts benefits unmatched by traditional brick and concrete building products. Hebel is known for its strength, versatility, and easability of installation. It is used for a host of applications which includes building homes, apartments, commercial buildings, and other civil units. Hebel products can be chiefly classified into four types:

Hebel PowerPanel:

Hebel PowerPanel’s anti-corrosion steel reinforcement makes it a perfect wall solution for use on houses and low rise multi-residential projects. As opposed to traditional masonry which may cost you a lot of money, Hebel PowerPanel is a more cost-effective option. It can be made-to-length or made-to-order which means less wastage and fewer crane movements which in turn would lead to more cost savings. Hebel PowerPanel is also a very eco-friendly building material endowed with exceptional acoustic performance and good fire rating.

Hebel PowerFloor:

Hebel PowerFloor is an excellent flooring solution which makes your home an extremely comfortable place to live in. With its phenomenal acoustic and thermal insulation properties, Hebel flooring not only helps keep your house warm during winters and cool during summers, it also reduces the transference of the level of noise/sound from one floor to another within the house and that which comes from outside the house.

Hebel PowerBlocks:

The PowerBlock+ offers incredible design flexibility due to its capacity to be shaped and routed for added aesthetic appeal, PowerBlock+ is available in a range of sizes and is versatile enough to be used for load-bearing external walls up to 3 stories, non-load-bearing interior walls, and bathroom hobs and spas. This system is a solid method of construction with amazing acoustic and thermal insulation benefits – helping to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Hebel PowerFence:

Hebel PowerFence is an attractive and versatile fence system that provides an efficient, effective privacy and noise barrier for residential applications. Perfect for boundary fences and low front walls, Hebel PowerFence provides a modular masonry structure using lightweight panels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected without the need for extensive or strip footings, as is normally the case for traditional fence construction.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hebel


Everything You Need to Know About Hebel






The Benefits of Hebel are listed as below:

● Reduces Your Energy Usage:

Hebel products such as Hebel Power Panel have exceptional insulation properties, keeping homes at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This reduces your energy consumption and consequently your expenditure.

● Stands the Test of Time:

Hebel is highly durable. As mentioned above, Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement which makes sure that your home or fence is built to last.

● A Peaceful home:

Hebel flooring helps in regulating the decibel level with your home – its excellent acoustic properties limit the level of sound/noise within the home (from one floor to another) and that which comes from outside your home.

● Eco-Friendly:

Hebel releases less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and uses less embodied energy which makes it an environmentally-friendly option for builders and home-dwellers.

● Reflective of Your Style:

Hebel gives you the liberty to showcase your own personal style at the architectural stage and at the last stage (finished product) by allowing you to create different shapes and use various colours respectively.

SHG Trade Solutions’ Hebel products are affordable, cost-effective, easy to install and long lasting. For more details about Hebel products please contact us at 64241397.


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Benefits of Hebel

Benefits of Hebel