Renovating or Building a New House?

Great products to consider

Whether you are planning to renovate the house where you are living or planning to build a new house, it can be an emotional, financial and physically tough experience. A lot of effort goes into building or renovating a house. There are so many decisions to make – the type of interior linings to use, what exterior products to use, what colour to paint, what flooring to lay, and ultimately how to create a visually appealing home. These decisions aren’t easy to make and depends on a lot of factors such as cost, space, artistic appeal, etc. You don’t want to overspend nor do you want to use cheap products that won’t stand the test of time. Thus, do thorough researches, make a budget, and understand how you can make your house more appealing.

Products to consider while renovating or building a new house:

  • Interior Linings

    Whether your building or renovating people want their home to be comfortable. High-quality plasterboard and fibre cement linings can help you get the desired solution. Additionally, plasterboard and fibre cement linings can help you achieve the most appealing environment for everybody to spend time in.

    1. Plasterboard

      It is made up of two sheets of paper to form internal walls of structure and ceiling. It is resistant to fire, acoustic insulated and thermally efficient. It’s quite useful in areas with high humidity.
    2. Fibre Cement Linings

      It is made up of tree fibre, Portland cement, sand, and water. It is ideal for the interior of the house where delicate materials can’t be used.
  • Stone Cladding

    It is a thin layer of stone applied to the building structure. Usually, it is applied to concrete and steel buildings. It is quite cheaper than natural stone and looks similar to it. For renovation as well as for building new homes, the stone cladding is quite suitable for the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Decorative Exterior Mouldings

    Decorative cornice and crown mouldings add decorative appeal to the exterior of the building. The decorative mouldings are affordable, easy installation, visually appealing and lightweight. Various designs can be created on the exterior of the building using architraves, bands, chords, quoins.
  • Decorative Plaster Products

    Handcrafted decorative cornice gives an illusion of Victorian times to the interior of the structure. There are various designs which give not only traditional but even modern contemporary look. All decorative plaster products are handmade for various designs-archways, ceiling domes, corbels, and vents.
  • Insulation

    House should be cool in summer and warm in winter. A thermally inefficient house will dampen the resident excitement and enjoyment. There are various solutions to improve insulation and thermal efficiency- Glass wool Batts, polyester insulation, roof blankets, foil and vapor barriers, etc.
  • Hebel

    It is an Autoclaved aerate concrete which can be used in walls, fences, and floors. It is versatile and can be made available in various shapes and sizes. It is made from cement, sand, gypsum, lime and recycles material making it better than usual brick and concrete products.
  • Polystyrene Cladding

    They are light-weight baseboard which can be used to provide traditional as well as modern architecture. They provide a solid look in various shapes and textures with satisfying results. They are energy efficient, durable, easy to install, flexible and have a superior finish.


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