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Your Guide to Plasterboard

The ceiling and walls of a house always need a layer of protection. It not only insulates the house to keep it warm and comfortable, but the smooth surface also gives a finished and tidy look. If you are building a new home or renovating existing, consider using plasterboard for protection.

Plasterboard is a popular choice due to its speed and straightforward installation. Plasterboard is a preformed sheet of plaster held together between two sheets of heavy paper. Plasterboard sheet is made of the same material which is used on traditional plaster walls and ceilings. This is already dry, ready to go and installed horizontally rather than vertically. Plasterboards are manufactured in such a way that they have a ‘grain’ along their length. This helps in providing great strength when they are installed horizontally.

Material required to plasterboard:

  • Plasterboard that fit the length and width of the ceiling or wall
  • Screws and measuring tape
  • Plasterboard tape

It is advisable to use a plasterboard sheet lifter. It allows you to install at the right height without straining your arms. You can easily rent a plasterboard sheet lifter or purchase a sheet lifter if you are needing it more often.
Fitting plasterboard in just 7 steps:

  1. Measure the area

    Measure the length and width of the room first. It might not be a perfect square and can affect measurements and how the plasterboard will fit. This requires appropriate cutting of the plasterboard sheet and it is good to know that things aren’t straight.
  2. Make the required cuts to the plasterboard sheet

    Measure the area to cut and mark the line on the plasterboard sheet as per the measurements. Cut the sheet with a utility knife and remember the more cuts/seams there are the more work it will take to make it smooth.
  3. Remove the old plaster

    Before installing the plasterboard sheet, take down the existing plasterboard. While doing this, check the trusses and beams to ensure everything is in good shape. Also, check existing plasterboard to make sure there is no loose plasterboard that can affect the new installation.
  4. Apply construction adhesive

    For a better and proper fit, apply construction adhesive along the beams. Always avoid the edges as it may interfere with screw placement. Plasterboard sheet shrinks a little as it dries.
  5. Start from a corner level

    Start from the corner level as it helps in installing the plasterboard properly. Some walls may be too small for a full length of plasterboard sheet. Cut it down before you raise it up.
  6. Work along the outside edges

    Screw the outside edges so the plasterboard sheet will be held to wall/ceiling. It will not bend or break once it is screwed from the outside edges.
  7. Complete the installation

    Install plasterboard with the help of plasterboard sheet lifter over the entire ceiling/walls. Finish it by taping the seams.


Fitting plasterboard is not easy but it can transform the entire look of a house. The surface does not show signs of damage. The plasterboard is durable and will ultimately make the wall/ceiling look great for years.

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