What are the Benefits of Hebel Flooring?

Hebel flooring is an innovative, ultra-lightweight and highly versatile flooring solution. It is strong combined with thermal and acoustic insulation that makes the living environment comfortable. This is an excellent flooring solution for not only floors but for decks and balconies.

The Hebel flooring is the system of thick steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels. Hebel floor panels are one-third of the weight of traditional concrete and also replace the traditional multi-step construction process. The Hebel flooring system fits properly together and installed over conventional trusses to form a strong and smooth floor.

It is suitable for any floor covering such as carpet, tiles and timber floorboards. The Hebel flooring cost is cheaper than concrete but gives the feel of a concrete floor but much easier to install.

Hebel floor panels are energy efficient, fire resistant and long-lasting. Over time, they will reduce energy, insurance and maintenance cost. All types of industries can benefit from Hebel flooring and reinforced panels such as commercial, schools, restaurants, government and residential markets.

Benefits of Hebel Flooring

Thermally Insulated:

Buildings constructed with Hebel flooring saves energy in both hot and cold climates. This unique closed structure and the thermal mass contribute to a high R-value and airtightness. It reduces heating and cooling costs and improves indoor air quality. Due to Hebel AAC, you are able to save up to 35% on air conditioning.

Structural Performance:

Strength can resist wind pressures without reinforcement and shear wall can resist lateral loads.


Hebel floor panels remain intact and can withstand the stress of fire for up to 4 hours. Under intense heat, it remains tightly sealed against smoke and gas without emitting any toxic fumes.

Acoustic Insulation:

The building walls and flooring made of Hebel AAC provides great acoustic insulation. The Hebel flooring porous structure and high surface mass reduce the outside noises and mechanical vibration energy.

Humid resistance:

Always keep your home protected against moisture with the use of Hebel flooring system. This allows the passage of water vapor by reducing condensation.

The physical properties of Hebel flooring are different and unique as compared to any other building material. Thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties make Hebel flooring superior to any other product. It also includes-

  • Speedy construction
  • Thermal insulation and energy saving
  • Viable solution
  • Provides high strength and durability
  • Precision

Hebel Flooring Installation Guide

Preparation of framing for Hebel Floor Panel Installation:

Check floor framing is complete and within level tolerances. Set-out chalk lines, as required. Provide temporary installation platform where necessary. Ensure floor framing has adequate strength to support the Hebel floor panel bundles.

Hebel Floor Panel Installation:

Panels are to be installed in a stretcher bond pattern with a minimum overlap of 1 joist space but not less than 450mm. Use lifting handles or trolley to move the Hebel floor panels to the installation area. Apply a 5mm minimum bead of Fuller Bond Max construction adhesive to the joists. Last, apply Hebel adhesive to the appropriate panel edges.

The Hebel floor panels must be installed with minimal horizontal sliding on the joists to ensure a stronghold. Force the tongue and groove joint closed. Ensure all joints are tight and that the adhesive covers all joints. Screw panel to the joists as required and remove any excess adhesive.

Penetration Detailing:

Install blocking to support Hebel floor panel at major openings.

Flooring Solution Finishes:

Sweep the floor surface to get rid of dust and loose particles. Fill joints and screw holes with Hebel flooring adhesive, as required. Ensure perimeter is not chipped. Install the desired floor covering for Hebel flooring system in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.

Hebel Flooring System Components

Floor Coverings:

A range of floor coverings can be installed over the Hebel floor panels. This includes direct stick tiles, carpet and underlay, topping slab, tiles, timber (floating or on battens) and vinyl over masonite.

Hebel Adhesive:

Hebel adhesive is used for gluing the panels together at all joints. Typically, panel joints are 2-3mm thick. Sufficient pressure is to be applied to the joint to make sure full coverage of adhesive within the joint. Adhesive is to be mixed to the proportions as stated on the bag.

Construction Adhesive:

5mm(minimum) bead of Fuller Max Bond construction adhesive is applied to the top of the joists. Where panel ends butt along over a common joist, two beads of adhesive should be applied. Ensure the surface is freed from coatings and loose material that will inhibit bond.


The properly sized fasteners for the construction of the Hebel flooring system should always be used. It's best to ask the experts at SHG or refer to the manufacturer's guide, Hebel flooring installation guide.


Hebel flooring must have all gaps at openings, penetrations and control joints caulked to supply an airtight floor system. This maintains acoustic, thermal, vermin and fire-resistant performance. All gaps must be carefully and completely filled with an appropriate manufacturer’s recommended flexible polyurethane sealant.

Hebel Patch:

Minor chips or damage to Hebel floor panels are to be repaired using Hebel Patch.

Hebel Anti-corrosion Protection Paint:

Once panels are cut they should be coated with a generous coating of Hebel anti-corrosion protection paint.

Hebel flooring is the best flooring solution that reduces sound transmission between floors. Hebel flooring also eliminates the squeaking, bouncing, and noise connected with non-masonry flooring. With Hebel floorings amazing thermal efficiency in either hot or cold climates allows you to enjoy a comfortable home year-round with low energy costs.

To get more information on the Hebel flooring system, contact SHG Trade Solutions on 03 6424 1397. Hebel flooring cost is a sound investment for a peaceful home.