Sizes and Thickness

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Chord PWC045 H: 50mm W: 25mmXX
Chord PWC050 H: 50mm W: 47mmXX
Chord PWC059 H: 59mm W: 37mmXX
Chord PWC060 H: 60mm W: 55mmXX
Chord PWC067 H: 67mm W: 40mmXX
Chord PWC070 H: 70mm W: 29mmXX
Chord PWC086 H: 89mm W: 68mmXX
Chord PWC088 H: 88mm W: 45mmXX
Chord PWC090 H: 90mm W: 70mmXX
Chord PWC093 H: 95mm W: 71mmXX
Chord PWC095 H: 95mm W: 38mmXX
Chord PWC102 H: 102mm W: 42mmXX
Chord PWC166 H: 166mm W: 50mmXX
Chord PWCF105 H: 105mm W: 90mmXX
Chord PWCF130 H: 127mm W: 102mmXX

Chords Accessories

Davco Powder Mastic Adhesive
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 380ml GREY
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 720ml GREY
Superior Diamond Blade 250mm (10")

Chords Fasteners

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