• Black Velvet

    Black Velvet

  • Cappuccino


  • Terracotta


  • Sandstone


  • Colonial Red

    Colonial Red

Product Description

ColourMix decorative concrete colour oxides are an extremely popular way to greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of any visible concrete.

Whether it be driveways, pools, paths, decks, commercial tilt-up panels or even retaining walls ColourMix can give you a colour that will add that finishing touch to your home, workplace or public area.

Any Exposed Aggregate, Polished concrete or a standard trowel finish can be immensely enhanced by adding in this enriching colour, giving you much greater versatility in achieving the look you want!    

How does it work?  

Colours are made from blends of raw materials including iron oxides (black, red, yellows), titanium oxides (white), and the more exotic chrome (green), and cobalt (blue) oxides. ColourMix is packaged in very high quality water soluble ‘Aquasac’ bags, 10kg per bag. This packaging is designed for convenient addition to pre mixed concrete at the batching plant. Dosage is generally one or two bags per cubic metre of concrete – depending on the colour.

All ColourMix oxides are compatible with common concrete admixtures and additives, and the finished coloured concrete can be sealed with Concrete Sealers as required, to further enrich the colour tones.

Features and Benefits

Whats good about COLOURMIX:

  • 34 exciting colours for you to choose from
  • Does not affect MPA rating of the concrete
  • Non fading
  • Water resistant
  • UV and Alkali stable