Duracom Greystone

Duracom Greystone™ is a prefinished panel that does not require painting or finishing on site. This reduces the need for painting trades and speeds up the building process.

Create that contemporary industrial look with Duracom Greystone™ from Innova™. With 2 shades to choose from, Natural and Charcoal, as well as 2 faces to choose from, Industrial and Velvet, you can create the perfect feature wall inside or out.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
24003000Add to Cart
Duracom Greystone Charcoal91200XX
Duracom Greystone Natural91200XX

What’s good about the Duracom Greystone™ facade system:

  • Provides a modern industrial look with 2 different shades and 2 different faces
  • Lightweight and easy to install using a proven installation method
  • Great solution when panels may be difficult to maintain. The factory applied treatment means you do not need to recoat or repaint panels, reducing maintenance costs
  • Australian manufactured, tested and warranted
  • Panels are non-combustible, which ensures a perfect cladding option for both commercial and residential projects
  • Greystone Industrial Charcoal

    Greystone Industrial Charcoal

  • Greystone Velvet Charcoal

    Greystone Velvet Charcoal

  • Greystone Natural Industrial

    Greystone Natural Industrial

  • Greystone Natural Velvet

    Greystone Natural Velvet

Duracom Greystone Accessories

Metal Tophat Batten 35x120mm
Metal Tophat Batten 35x50mm
Horizontal Backing Strip 1190mm
Horizontal Backing Strip 2390mm
Horizontal Backing Strip 2990mm
EPDM Foam Gasket Tape 25m
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 380ml BLACK
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 720ml BLACK
BGC Fibre Cement Edge Sealer
PCD Fibre Cement Blade 160mm
PCD Fibre Cement Blade 180mm
Superior Diamond Blade 125mm (5")

Duracom Greystone Fasteners

Powers 190 S/Drilling Hex Head Screw 12g x 20mm 500Pk
Macsim S/D Screw 10x30mm S/S 1000PK

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