GTEK Fire has a light-pink facing paperboard for easy identification and is available in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses with recessed edges, ready for taping and jointing with proprietary stopping and setting compounds.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
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GTEK plasterboard fire-rated systems, consist of single or multiple layers of GTEK fireboard sheets, screw-fixed to steel framing and nail or screw fixed to timber stud framing.

What's good about GTEK Fire:

  • Higher resistance to fire that standard plasterboard
  • Suitable for interior walls and ceilings
  • Suitable for fire isolated exits and public corridors
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Has a light pink face for ease of identification
  • GTEK Fire

    GTEK Fire

  • GTEK Fire

    GTEK Fire

GTEK Fire Accessories

CSR Basecoat 20 - 10KG
CSR Basecoat 45 - 20KG
CSR Basecoat 60 - 20KG
CSR Ultra Basecoat 60 - 15KG
CSR Basecoat 90 - 20KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 20 - 8KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 5 - 8KG
Stud Adhesive 5.2KG
CSR UltraTop - 15KG
CSR Easy Finish - 15KG
Boral 550 TopCoat - 20KG
CSR Easy Flow - 15KG
Soudal Firecryl FR Grey 600ml
Paper Tape 75m
FibaFuse Tape
Self Adhesive Tape 90m
Perforated External Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated External Corner Bead 135deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 135deg
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.0m
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.6m

GTEK Fire Fasteners

Loose Plasterboard Screws fine thread (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling 25mm (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Fine thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Plaster Clouts Smooth 30mm
Plaster Clouts Ring 30mm
Plaster Clouts Screw 30mm
Laminating Screw (1000pk)

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