Flat Bands

Sizes and Thickness

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Band PWB050 H: 50mm W: 20mmXX
Band PWB075 H: 75mm W: 20mmXX
Band PWB080 H: 80mm W: 45mmXX
Band PWB100 H: 100mm W: 20/40mmXX
Band PWB120 H: 120mm W: 20/25mmXX
Band PWB150 H: 150mm W: 20/40mmXX
Band PWB200 H: 200mm W: 20/40mmXX
Band PWB250 H: 250mm W: 25mmXX
Band PWB300 H: 300mm W: 20/40mmXX

Flat Bands Accessories

Davco Powder Mastic Adhesive
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 380ml GREY
Bostik Seal'n'Flex 720ml GREY
Superior Diamond Blade 250mm (10")

Flat Bands Fasteners

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