GTEK™ Impact

Specialty plasterboard that has fibreglass strands within the product and a heavier paper liner ensuring that GTEK Impact is suitable for use in very high traffic areas where walls are subjected to being knocked.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
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GTEK Impact is a special plasterboard that features a unique core structure and a heavier paper liner. This makes GTEK Impact stronger and tougher than regular plasterboard and ideal for high traffic areas where walls are subjected to impact, and can be used in residential and commercial applications.

GTEK Impact’s commercial application is in high traffic areas and where there are high instances of furniture and equipment movement in schools, universities, hospitals and aged care, retail shops and shopping centres and transport hubs such as airports and train stations.

GTEK Impact’s residential application is in high traffic areas such as hallways, garages and games rooms.

What's good about GTEK Impact

  • Designed for high impact areas
  • High resistance to soft body contact
  • Reduced indentations from hard body impact
  • Equivalent acoustic performance to BGC Soundboard
  • Stronger than 13mm plasterboard
  • Same installation method as standard plasterboard
  • Easy to join and finish
  • Easy to repair
  • GTEK Impact

    GTEK Impact

  • GTEK Impact

    GTEK Impact

GTEK™ Impact Accessories

CSR Basecoat 20 - 10KG
CSR Basecoat 45 - 20KG
CSR Basecoat 60 - 20KG
CSR Ultra Basecoat 60 - 15KG
CSR Basecoat 90 - 20KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 20 - 8KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 5 - 8KG
Stud Adhesive 5.2KG
CSR UltraTop - 15KG
CSR Easy Finish - 15KG
Boral 550 TopCoat - 20KG
CSR Easy Flow - 15KG
Paper Tape 75m
FibaFuse Tape
Self Adhesive Tape 90m
Perforated External Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated External Corner Bead 135deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 135deg
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.0m
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.6m

GTEK™ Impact Fasteners

Loose Plasterboard Screws fine thread (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling 25mm (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Fine thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Plaster Clouts Smooth 30mm
Plaster Clouts Ring 30mm
Plaster Clouts Screw 30mm
Laminating Screw (1000pk)

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