GTEK™ Wet Area

GTEK Wet Area plasterboard has a low absorption core, eliminating the probability of water wicking, therefore preventing possible damage to the supporting structure and wall finishes

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
240027003000360048006000Add to Cart
Water Resistant Plasterboard101200XXXXX
Water Resistant Plasterboard101350XXXX

GTEK Plasterboard designed and developed WR Plasterboard for wet area walls, in residential and commercial buildings, such as bathrooms, laundries, toilets and cleaning room areas, and exterior ceilings such as alfresco areas.

What's good about GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard:

  • Specifically designed for wet areas
  • Has a low absorption core
  • Light blue face for ease of identification
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Can be used for exterior ceilings
  • GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard

    GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard

  • GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard

    GTEK Wet Area Plasterboard

GTEK™ Wet Area Accessories

CSR Basecoat 20 - 10KG
CSR Basecoat 45 - 20KG
CSR Basecoat 60 - 20KG
CSR Ultra Basecoat 60 - 15KG
CSR Basecoat 90 - 20KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 20 - 8KG
Hamiltons Smooth Set 5 - 8KG
Stud Adhesive 5.2KG
CSR UltraTop - 15KG
CSR Easy Finish - 15KG
Boral 550 TopCoat - 20KG
CSR Easy Flow - 15KG
Paper Tape 75m
FibaFuse Tape
Self Adhesive Tape 90m
Perforated External Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 90deg
Perforated External Corner Bead 135deg
Perforated Internal Corner Bead 135deg
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.0m
Studco Ezi Reveal Window Bead 3.6m

GTEK™ Wet Area Fasteners

Loose Plasterboard Screws fine thread (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws S/Drilling 25mm (1000pk)
Loose Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Fine thread (1000pk)
Collated Plasterboard Screws Course thread (1000pk)
Plaster Clouts Smooth 30mm
Plaster Clouts Ring 30mm
Plaster Clouts Screw 30mm
Laminating Screw (1000pk)

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