• Hebel Block Wall

    Hebel Block Wall

Product Description

Hebel Blocks are famous for creating a distinctive external and internal look that is a superior alternative to ‘double-brick'. Hebel Block homes deliver the ultimate in comfort through their enhanced thermal efficiencies, fire resistance and acoustics.

Hebel PowerBlock+ is the ideal alternative to double brick, giving you an extremely solid home construction with exceptional acoustic adn thermal insulation properties.


PowerBlock+ blocks come in varying thicknesses that can be used for both loadbearing exterior walls (200-300mm blocks) up to three storeys adn non loadbearing interior walls (100-150mm). PowerBlock+ can be also used for Spa, Bath, and shower hobs.

Features and Benefits

The Unique benifits of building homes with Hebel PowerBlock+

  • Construction costs and speed are up to 30% lower than double masonary
  • Hebel combines high thermal resistance with thermal mass and provides a natrually stable interior living enviroment (temperature adn humidity)
  • With over one and a half times the thermal resistance of double brick, Hebel PowerBlock+ systems easily exceed the building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirments of climate zones 1 to 7 inclusive.
  • superior acoustic performance between rooms and from exterior noise
  • Design and build freedom and flexibility- easily worked with standard power tools.
  • Non-combustible -  up to four hour fire rating makes the Hebel PowerBlock+ System ideal for rural or bush fire prone areas
  • Enhanced desigh freedom can be achieved through routing and shaping. Lintels and sill blocks complement the high aesthetic apperance.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
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