Hebel PowerBlock

The PowerBlock+ system is a solid method of construction with amazing acoustic and thermal insulation benefits – helping to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Offering incredible design flexibility due to its capacity to be shaped and routed for added aesthetic appeal, PowerBlock+ is available in a range of sizes and is versatile enough to be used for loadbearing external walls up to 3 storeys, non-loadbearing interior walls and bathroom hobs and spas.

With over one and a half times the thermal resistance of double brick, superior acoustic performance and being non-combustible, Hebel PowerBlock+ systems satisfy Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements and is a great choice for building your home.


Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
5075100125150200250300Add to Cart
Hebel Block200600XXXXXXXX

PowerBlock+ blocks come in varying thicknesses that can be used for both loadbearing exterior walls (200-300mm blocks) up to three storeys adn non loadbearing interior walls (100-150mm). PowerBlock+ can be also used for Spa, Bath, and shower hobs.

The Unique benifits of building homes with Hebel PowerBlock+

  • Construction costs and speed are up to 30% lower than double masonary
  • Hebel combines high thermal resistance with thermal mass and provides a natrually stable interior living enviroment (temperature adn humidity)
  • With over one and a half times the thermal resistance of double brick, Hebel PowerBlock+ systems easily exceed the building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirments of climate zones 1 to 7 inclusive.
  • superior acoustic performance between rooms and from exterior noise
  • Design and build freedom and flexibility- easily worked with standard power tools.
  • Non-combustible -  up to four hour fire rating makes the Hebel PowerBlock+ System ideal for rural or bush fire prone areas
  • Enhanced desigh freedom can be achieved through routing and shaping. Lintels and sill blocks complement the high aesthetic apperance.
  • Hebel Block Wall

    Hebel Block Wall

  • Hebel Block

    Hebel Block

Hebel PowerBlock Accessories

Hebel Adhesive 20kg
Superior Diamond Blade 125mm (5")
Superior Diamond Blade 230mm (9")
RenderSmart ICLAD Medium Render 20kg
RenderSmart ICLAD MPA Render 17kg
RenderSmart Wet Texture 20kg

Hebel PowerBlock Fasteners

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