Hebel PowerFloor

An excellent flooring solution that provides the feel of a solid concrete floor without the price tag. Squeak-free with acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Hebel PowerFloor consists of 75mm steel reinforced aerated solid concrete floor panels intalled over steel or timber joists to give an excellent, solid base of just about any floor covering. This Provides a superior floor solution with acoustic and thermal insulation benefits and provides the feel of a solid concrete floor at a significantly lower cost.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
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Hebel Power Floor75600X

The unique benefits of constructing your floor with Hebel PowerFloor

  • solid feel eliminating the bounce and flex of timber sheet flooring
  • Superior thermal performances- particularly for suspended floors on sloped sites
  • Extremely strong, each panel is reinforced with corrosion-protection steel mesh. The panels fit snugly together to form a strong and smooth floor.
  • not affected by weather during installation
  • Hebel PowerFloor can be easily installed by normal on-site tradesmen such as carpenters
  • Reduces footfall noise when installed with resilient mounts between floors and eliminates squeaking associated with particular board floors
  • Hebel Floor

    Hebel Floor

  • Hebel Floor

    Hebel Floor

Hebel PowerFloor Accessories

Construction Adhesive Cartridge 370ml
Hebel Corrosion Protection Paint
Hebel Adhesive 20kg
Superior Diamond Blade 230mm (9")

Hebel PowerFloor Fasteners

Batten Screws GAL 14gx100mm 500pk

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