Hebel PowerPanel

Hebel PowerPanel External Wall System is one of the most efficient ways to build exterior residential walls. Suitable for use on houses and low rise multi-residential projects, Hebel PowerPanel is now 20% lighter yet remains similar structural integrity to the existing Hebel PowerPanel.


 CSR Hebel's new improved PowerPanel XL external wall system has been specifically developed to go up faster. The system consists of our new 75mm thick, steel-reinforced PowerPanelXL panels, fixed vertically to horizontal top hats atached to the load bearing frame.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
18002400255027002800285030003300Add to Cart
Hebel Power Panel75600XXXXXXXX

Hebel PowerPanels are fixed vertically to horizontal battens attached to the load bearing frame. PowerPanels are steel reinforced 75mm thick and are available in lengths of 2400mm to 3300mm for widths of 600mm.

A 3000m PowerPanel is equivalent to approximately 83 standard bricks, making the instillation faster. 

The unique benifits of building with PowerPanel

  • Installation 60% faster than masonry using semi skilled trades
  • Fastest most efficent way to install Hebel (2 people can install up to 150mwithin 3 days depending on site conditions)
  • Easier to grip, lift and move with less wear and tear on you body.
  • The Steel reinforced aerated concrete and acrylic coated panels are strong, solid and highly durable, making them perfect for building in the Australian climate.
  • Speed of construction reduces scaffold costs.
  • Steel reinforcing is specially coated to prevent corrosion adn provides maximum durability
  • Non-combustible with an FRL of 180/180/180 (suits up to BAL FZ bush fire zones)
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation qualities.

Depending on the system used when installing Hebel PowerPanel, a 180/180/180 fire rating can be achieved. 


  • Hebel Clad House

    Hebel Clad House

  • Hebel House

    Hebel House

  • Hebel


  • Hebel PowerPanel, Multistory use

    Hebel PowerPanel, Multistory use

  • Hebel PowerPanel Install

    Hebel PowerPanel Install

  • Hebel PowerPanel External Wall

    Hebel PowerPanel External Wall

Hebel PowerPanel Accessories

Hebel TopHat Batten 35mm x4.8m
TopHat Batten 24mm x6.1m
Hebel Patch 20kg
Hebel Adhesive 20kg
Hebel Corrosion Protection Paint
Superior Diamond Blade 230mm (9")
RenderSmart ICLAD Medium Render 20kg
RenderSmart ICLAD MPA Render 17kg
RenderSmart Wet Texture 20kg

Hebel PowerPanel Fasteners

Batten Screws GAL 14gx100mm 500pk
Type 17 Screw GAL 12g x 30mm 250pk

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