Stone Cladding

The Infiniti Stone product range includes both handmade manufactured stone and natural stone veneers for amazing creative, architectural and traditional features. The  ‘manufactured’ product range is made from base products of natural stone, and consists of a unique blend of cement, light weight aggregates and oxide pigments. These products are handmade with intricate attention to detail. The result: a product aimed to be better for the environment, whilst a fine replication of natural stone….. at a fraction of the price!

The ‘natural’ stone product range is also growing, with exciting, new, genuine Limestone, Slate and Travertine veneers being already available, and more to come!

Infiniti Stone may be adhered to any prepared, clean, untreated, structurally sound surfaces. This includes wallboard, plywood, panelling, concrete, fibre cement board and masonry walls. 

It is suited for interior and exterior use, in both residential and commercial architectural purposes. It also looks great on both new and old homes and buildings!  


 What’s good about Infiniti stone Cladding:

  • It is light weight (as much as 1/3 lighter than real stone),
  • It can be cladded onto practically any new or existing structurally sound wall without additional structural support,
  • It is much cheaper than real stone,
  • It is colourfast,
  • It is durable and is non-combustible,
  • It is easy to install - as much as half your installation time saved!
Stone Cladding