Too HOT? Too COLD? We all know we need a comfortable, temperate zone to live or work in to maximize enjoyment! So many heating and cooling options, but exactly how thermally efficient are they if we don’t insulate? And how can we cut down noise transfer between zones? At SHG we have a broad spectrum of options of BCA compliant, thermal and acoustic enhancing products. Whatever your project, there will always be a solution!

Glasswool Batts are always a great option, providing value for money and a versatility of a vast product range for any climate zone in Australia. Easy and quick to install, they can provide an appealing level of comfort to any home or building.

Polyester Insulation Batts can also be an extremely “user friendly” option, providing relief from heat, cold and noise. They are soft to handle and easy to install.

Roof Blankets, Foil and Vapour Barriers, Sound Lagging for plumbing, and products providing Fire and Ember Attack Protection are also readily available and suitable for a vast range of residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Polystyrene in a range of forms can also be used in many ways for thermally enhancing any building structure against the extremes in temperature. Whether it is under-slab, under-floor, or cavity filling, the options are endless.

New innovations and systems in insulation are being developed continually in a global race for Energy Efficiency, so trust SHG to be “Up-with-the-latest” in what’s happening in the world of HOT and Cold!!