Sizes and Thickness

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Keystones CORMTF001 W:165mm H:227mm D:90mm
Keystones DK001 W:320mm H:320mm D:125mm
Keystones DK001 HEAD W:470mm H:105mm D:175mm
Keystones PWK115 W:135mm H:152mm D:70mm
Keystones PWK147 W:147mm H:132mm D:84mm
Keystones PWK215 W:190mm H:225mm D:110mm
Keystones PWK235 W:180mm H:235mm D:65mm
Keystones PWK500 W:420mm H:500mm D:180mm
Keystones PWKH215 W:180mm H:175mm D:64mm
Keystones PWKH250 W:240mm H:255mm D:65mm

Keystones Accessories

Soudal T Rex Adhesive 290ml Crystal Clear
Soudal T Rex Adhesive 290ml Steel Gray

Keystones Fasteners

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