Metal Stud 64mm

Made from the highest quality cold-formed BlueScope steel, Studco framing systems have been designed to achieve both the needs and design criteria required by the Building Code of Australia and the New Zealand Building Code and appropriate standards. Features of the Studco steel stud system include, bell mouth service holes punched at 500mm centres eliminating the need for cabling grommets and knurled face along the stud flange, which provides a positive screw point location. Studs can be boxed or spliced to extend the overall length or to provide strengthening if required.

Sizes and Thickness

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Metal Stud 64mm 1.15 BMTXXX
Metal Stud 64mm 0.50 BMTXXXX
Metal Stud 64mm 0.75 BMTXXXX
Metal Top & Bottom Track 64mm 1.15 BMTX
Metal Top & Bottom Track 64mm .55 BMTX
Metal Top & Bottom Track 64mm .75 BMTX
Metal Track - Flexi 64mm 0.55BMTX
Metal Track - Noggin 64mm 0.75BMT 450mm Centres X
Metal Track - Noggin 64mm 0.75BMT 600mm Centres X

Metal Stud 64mm Accessories

Metal Stud Crimping Tool
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Metal Stud 64mm Fasteners

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