Polystyrene Cladding

Whether modern architectural or traditional style buildings are your thing, the solid, rendered look, with some imagination, shape, texture and colour can produce incredibly stunning results, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your home or building has an attractive, unique charm in its own appearance. Never easier to achieve individuality than now, using Lightweight EPS Polystyrene Cladding from SHG in a variety of ways, this can be the ultimate solution to your design cravings!  

EPS Polystyrene, as a “base board” for an amazing rendered finish is available in a number of different systems, thicknesses and sheet sizes. It has many well-known benefits such as superior energy efficiency, great design flexibility, is lightweight, quick and easy to install and using the correct rendering procedures gives a strong and durable finish.

Also available is a huge range of lightweight decorative mouldings of superior finish to further enhance buildings of any design style.

A lightweight Polystyrene fencing system is also available, and a winner in many ways.

At SHG we stock and supply only reputable and accredited cladding systems that tick all the boxes for your ultimate Peace of Mind!!

Polystyrene Cladding