Sizes and Thickness

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Corbel DT001 W:230mm H:430mm D:150mm
Corbel DT002 W:182mm H:313mm D:145mm
Corbel DT004 W:115mm H:245mm D:160mm
Corbel DT005 W:143mm H:235mm D:160mm
Corbel DT006 W:170mm H:280mm D:122mm
Corbel DT007 W:200mm H:330mm D:173mm
Corbel DT008 W:185mm H:340mm D:170mm
Corbel DT009 W:230mm H:375mm D:170mm
Corbel DT011 W:135mm H:520mm D:150mm
Corbel DT012 W:116mm H:210mm D:93mm
Corbel DT013 W:143mm H:255mm D:165mm
Corbel DT024 W:170mm H:630mm D:200mm
Corbel DT025 W:195mm H:435mm D:200mm
Corbel DT026 W:215mm H:480mm D:165mm
Corbel DT027 W:160mm H:450mm D:405mm
Corbel DT028 W:200mm H:690mm D:238mm
Corbel DT029 W:200mm H:690mm D:464mm

Corbels Accessories

Soudal T Rex Adhesive 290ml Crystal Clear
Soudal T Rex Adhesive 290ml Steel Gray

Corbels Fasteners

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