Sound Proofing Insulation

Pink® Soundbreak™ from Fletcher Insulation has all the thermal insulating properties of Pink® Batts plus amazing acoustic insulation properties. When you choose Pink® Soundbreak™ for your next home build or renovation, your new home will be energy and thermal efficient and extra quiet too.

Sizes and Thickness

ProductThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length
11601200Add to Cart
Pink SoundBreak R2 - 5.6sqm (10pk)70430X
Pink SoundBreak R2.5 - 4sqm )8pk)90430X
Pink Patition 14 R1.9 - 9.2sqm (16pk) 75450X

Sound Proofing Insulation Accessories

Disposable Gloves LARGE
Disposable Dust Masks P2 (10pk)
Snap Off Knife 18mm
Replacement Snap Off Blades 18mm
Disposable Suit (Per EA)
Strap 12mm 1000m roll

Sound Proofing Insulation Fasteners

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